Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Enotourism in Italy: A great way to end summer with a bang!

Story and photo gallery by Dwght Casimere

TREVISO, Italy---The kids are at computer camp, so Disney is out this year. You've already done the all-inclusive resort and the mega-cruise thing. How about combining your love of wine with taking in the beauty of nature and the rich culture and history of Italy through the relatively new avenue of tourism called Enotourism.
Wine tourism is the latest frontier in the travel industry. In Italy alone, the figure stands at approximately five million travelers, generating two and a half billion euros in revenue.  The impact is extraordinary, both on the wine industry and on the travel industry in general. 

No place lends itself to Enotourism more than the Veneto and  Valdobbiadene  Conegliano regions of northeastern Italy, the home of Prosecco, Italy's premiere sparkling wine. Take a drive along the famed "Prosecco Road."  The rolling hills and lush valleys you'll pass are not only home to some of the most luscious grapes for winemaking, but they are steeped in natural beauty and history, the perfect combination for a delightful end-of-summer retreat. Along the way, natural wonders await. The mouth of an ancient river is one of the region's anomolies. Pause for a visit to a local blacksmith, the single remaining remnant of the area's agricultural past. Stop for an elaborate brunch in the vineyards at a local winery, then take a trip down a lazy river in the heart of Italian wine country. Followed by a day or two side trip to Venice, one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world, this

makes for the perfect getaway.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Meet The Winemakers of the Consorzio Di Tutela Prosecco DOC

Story and photo gallery by Dwight Casimere

TREVISO, Italy--Largely crafted by hand and tied to the history and culture of this picturesque city, Prosecco DOC is a liquid treasure. I had an opportunity to meet the people behind its production in a unique setting; the headquarters of the Consorzio Di Tutela Prosecco DOC in the heart of downtown Treviso. Winding my way through its narrow, cobblestoned streets, across stone bridges spanning the city's many rivers, through public squares sprawling with art work and tables of handcrafted items in open-air markets, I made my way up the marble staircase of an ancient building that resembled an art museum with a pleasant sculpture garden. Upstairs in a huge, well-lit room, a dozen or so producers of Prosecco DOC were waiting behind tables with decorative ice buckets filled with the golden, straw-colored bubbly refreshment that is becoming so popular around the world; Prosecco DOC.

With its distinctive flowery bouquet and fresh, lively flavor, Prosecco DOC is the ultimate simple, yet sophisticated wine that typifies the ultimate Italian lifestyle. Produced in northeast Italy in the territories of five provinces of the Veneto; Treviso, Venice, Veniza, Padua and Belluno, and four provinces in Fiuli Venezia Giulia; Gorizia, Pordenone, Trieste and Udine, the wine is a stunning achievement that marries personal artistry with technology and a love of the land and its resources.

Chairs were lined up at the perimeter of the tasting tables so that visiting international wine journalists could sit with the winemakers for personal interviews and tasting sessions, "speed dating" style, only, the interviews were conducted in an informal, unhurried fashion that allowed for personal interchange and a deeper understanding of the philosophy and technique behind this special sparkling beverage.

Here are a few of the faces and personalities behind the bottles of Prosecco DOC:

 The historic tower and majestic settings of downtown Treviso, home of the Consorzio Di Tutela Prosecco DOC

 The official "greeter" at the Consorzio Di Tutela Prosecco DOC headquarters

 Marco Lorenzonetto-winemaker/owner Lorenzonetto Cav. Guido S.S.A.
 Marco and Nicola Tombacco, the father-son team behind Tenuta San Giorgio
 international wine press in one-on-one interview and tasting sessions at the Consorzio

 Elisa Villanova of La Tordera Valdobbiadene

 The sculpture garden at the Consorzio Di Tutela Prosecco DOC
 Bryan Joyce of Pure Dolomites Bed and Breakfast-eno tourism of Treviso
 Angelo Facchin-winemaker at Antonio Facchin with Chiara Gecele of Pure Dolomites

 Lorene and Allesandro Salatin of Azienda Vinicola Salatin
 Michele Shah SRL-marketing strategies-Italian Wines, organizer of the event and Prosecco DOC press tour

 Chiara Spinato and Antonio Cocca-winemaker at Cantina La Salute
 Dwight Casimere with Alessandra Zambonin-press and communications manager-Casa Vinicola Zonin

 Dwight Casimere were Tatiana Biasiotto of Biasiotto Vini E Spumanti

 Alessandra Zambonin