Thursday, May 19, 2016



By Dwight Casimere


The Gascony region along the Atlantic coast of France is famous for its Armagnac and for its abundance of seafood, commonly called "fruits de mer," the fruits of the sea. Now comes a white wine blend from Gascony that is perfect with oysters, scallops, shrimp, lobster or langostino and fresh salmon or sea bass, that is not only delicious, but quite affordable; Domaine du Tariquet. At under 10 dollars a bottle, this classic blend of local grape varieties of 45% Ugni blanc, 35% Colombard, together with 10% Sauvignon and 10% Gros Manseng, brings forth all of the fresh citrus taste and bracing minerality so typical of wines of the region. The wine is packed with intense flavor that emphasizes its youth and vitality. This is a wine to be drunk right away, with no thought to aging, and served well chilled, making it perfect for summertime thirst quenching. One can almost imagine walking through the vineyards, dotted with the fragrance of wild flowers and the bracing aroma of the salty Atlantic sea air. There's great tropical fruit flavors along with an almost  slightly salty taste that comes from the combination of earthy minerals and the lingering wafts of sea salt in the air, coming from the coast. Have a glass just before dinner as you grill a salmon steak brushed with a handful of fresh thyme soaked in olive oil, or scallops doused in lemon butter cooked ever so lightly on the open flame. The Grassa family has been making wine at Tariquet for generations. The winery itself has a history dating back more than a hundred years. With that type of experience behind them, and a sincere love for the land and its complex soil which translates into herculean efforts to sustain and preserve the environment, its no wonder that this wine is so enjoyable. Domaine du Tariquet Classic is  a real thirst quencher with a light, well balanced flavor that puts the essence of summer in a glass. 

Below: Views of the vineyards in the Gascony, Bas Armagnac

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