Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caruso and Minini Marsala: Pioneers of Enotourism Where Wine Tasting Meets History, Culture

Story and photo gallery by Dwight Casimere

MARSALA, SICILY--The rugged, wind-swept mountains around Marsala create the most challenging environment for wine grapes to grow, but it is precisely this landscape, with its rich, rocky volcanic soil, that creates the historically great wines of Sicily. Winemakers Caruso and Minini of Marsala are protagonists of the Sicilian wine Renaissance. Their use of the territory's most demanding grapes to make premium wines is the signature of a long tradition.

Stefano Caruso and Mario Minini built their winery in an old 19th Century "baglio" in the heart of the traditional wine-cellar area of Marsala with the expressed goal of creating wines that can charm and surprise the palate while at the same time expressing their originality, character and elegance. The result is wine that expresses the perfect mix of soil, climate and grape.

Each year, the winery hosts over 5,000 guests who have an opportunity to tour the rustic estate, visit the cellars, and go on a unique sensory excursion that allows them to savor the wine, learn its history all while sampling the local cuisine. The experience is part of a growing trend of Enotourism, which provides opportunities for focused, professional wine tastings, while experts share the rich history of the wine and the region.

The enotours are a feast for the eye as well as the palate. The buildings on the estate are faithful to the traditional Marselese architectural style. The large, open courtyard, with its relic of an ancient wine press, is surrounded by buildings that house every aspect of the winemaking process. The entire operation represents the perfect marriage between historic traditions and modern technologies. The winery and its methods are a concrete example of how the traditional Marsalese style is laying the foundation to face the current modern challenges in wine production. The results are astonishing.
 The Founders of Caruso and Minini

 The winemaking team at Caruso and Minini Marsala
 Dwight the Wine Doctor with Agronomist Fernando Paterno
 The wines of Caruso and Minini and the land in Marsala

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