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Caffe Vergnano 1882 brings perfect espresso experience to everyday life

 Caffe Vergnano 1882 Expresso capsules bring pleasure of "the perfect expresso"  to the home

by Dwight Casimere

NEW YORK--Connoisseurs of good coffee give it the same respect and attention as lovers of fine wine. With so many international varieties available,coffee, in many ways, is marketed, packaged and sold to consumers in much the same way as quality wine. Aficionados assign to it the same verbal superlatives as sommeliers do when they savor a good wine; discussing the flavor, aroma and body in many of the same descriptive terms. Just as there are wine bars devoted to the imbibing of the noble grape, so have coffee shops and barista bars become commonplace in the urban landscape. We've certainly come a long way since the days when Folger's and a few other household names reigned supreme on grocery store shelves, and what passed for coffee at the local diners and restaurant was little more than overcooked dishwater and swill served from  rusting metal dispensers.

With coffee coming virtually from every corner of the world, the selection currently available is dizzying and confusing. Now comes a relative newcomer to the commercial US market in the person of Caffe Vergnano 1882. The venerable Italian coffee company, with 130 years of experience in roasting and blending the highest quality coffee, and available in 10,000 cafes, restaurants and hotels worldwide, has opened flagship espresso cafes at Eataly, the massive Italian food emporium, in New York's midtown Flatiron District and in Chicago's Gold Coast off the Magnificent Mile.

Presiding over the opening of Caffe Vergnano espresso bar, held last month at Eataly, Manhattan, were Carolina Vergnano, Export Manager and Lead Spokesperson on the Espresso Vergnano 1882 US Campaign, and Damian Burgess, Head of the Caffe Vergnano Coffee Academy and Senior International Training Manager.

Caffee Vergnano at Eataly in New York and Chicago offer a state-of-the-art espresso bar experience with a standing espresso bar and a curated menu of espressi, macchiati and Eataly's housemade pastries. In addition to  making available for sale the complete line of Caffe Vergnano coffee products, new to the US, is the introduction of Caffe Vergnana 1882 Espresso capsules which brings the perfect espresso experience home for the first time. Compatible with Nespresso, Maestria, Essenza, Lattissima, Citiz, U, Pixie, and, of course, Espresso 1882 machines, the passion and pleasure of real espresso is now just a push button away.

Slow roasted, high quality Arabica coffee from Central and South America is the fundamental ingredient to Caffe Vergnano's exceptional espresso. The company's unique production methods and high standards create an espresso of sublimely delicate flavor and smooth aroma which can only be achieved by slow roasting under meticulously controlled conditions. 

The flavor notes of Caffe Vergnano 1882 Espresso Lungo Intenso are roasted hazel nuts, with hints of chocolate. There's a tantalizing back note of sandalwood that makes this a perfect companion to wind down the evening,  

Tasting Caffe Vergnano 1882 Espresso Cremoso is sure to seal the brand's place in the pantheon of great coffee drinking experiences. The chestnut brown color and appealing aroma provide a hint of the flavor pleasures that await. Black walnuts, a subtle hint of cardamum and a  backnote of fine Maduro combine with the lingering taste of dark chocolate to make this the perfect ending to a sumptuous meal.

Besides the intense flavor pleasures of Caffee Vergnano 1882, there's the added benefit that it is surprisingly low in caffeine compared to other types of espresso, making it a perfect way to end the day!

Just a note about the long and illustrious history of Caffe Vergnano. It was founded in a village grocer's shop in Chieri, a tiny town at the foot of the Turin hills in northwestern Italy in 1882. Caffe Vergnano has since grown to become the "pride of the Piemonte" with a 145,000 square foot plant in Turin, Italy and more than 80 products available around the globe.  Caffe Vergnano is a true Italian success story that has defied recent downward economic trends. 

Tasting Caffe Vergnano Espresso Cremoso and Lungo Intenso in the new capsules proves why their coffees are such a phenomenal success. Caffe Vergnano Espresso capsules reinterpret coffee tradition in a uniquely contemporary way. They offer coffee lovers everywhere the opportunity to have the true Italian espresso experience in an uncompromising way, at home.


Carolina Vergnano (above) and Damian Burgess (below) at the helm at the New York Eataly Caffe Vergnano opening 

Below: Damian Burgess and Carolina Vergnano at the Caffe Vergnano Chicago opening

Above: Damian Burgess leads a class at the International Training Center
Below: Dimitri Dervisis competes in the Best Barista 2013 competition sponsored by Caffe Vargnano

Winners of the Best Barista competition in 2013

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