Wednesday, November 5, 2014

New from Trentino, Italy: Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio-$12

photos: vineyards high in the Italian Alps above Trentino, Italy
Winemaker Lucio Matricardi-Mezzacorona Vineyards

New from Italy: Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio from Trentino-$12

The Dolomite Mountains high above Trentino, Italy produced some of the most exquisite, delicately flavored Pinot Grigio grapes in all of Italy. The steep terraces and ledges in the high mountain vineyards in what is lovingly called "the Italian Alps," produce grapes of uncommon depth and flavor, due to the unique mico-climate of crisp, dry air and the cooling breezes from the Adige River. The melting glaciers at the higher elevations combined with the warm sun during the daylight hours, are the basis of a wine with rich character and structure.

"The wine gets its name because of the unique growing area, with the vines literally hanging from the steep cliffs of the Italian Alps, said winemaker Lucio Matricardi.

"When you taste even the unripened grapes, you already start to get the complex aroma of flowers and the beginnings of the fresh melon and white peach flavors that make this wine so special," he gushed. Cliffhanger is the latest wine entry from Gruppo Mezzacorona Wines, producer of a distinguished and diverse portfolio of high quality, Italian wines from the Italian Alps to Sicily.

"We're in a very unique and coveted position, Matricardi explained, "because we aren't just producers and bottlers, we also own and cultivate our own vineyards and grapes. We have more than 26,000 acres under vine, so we can take on the responsibility of developing grapes that are of the highest standard. As a major grower, we see ourselves as having the responsibility to grow the best possible varieties using biodynamic principles."

Slightly yellow in color, with a green hue, Cliffhanger truly displays outstanding flavor and balance of crisp fruit, and bright acidity that makes this a great companion with all types of food, from seafood, such as grilled Grouper,  sauteed scallops, and fresh oysters, to a variety of appetizers, from stuffed mushrooms, to Caprisi crustini with fresh Mozzarella and ripe cherry tomatoes. The Holidays are coming and at just $12 a bottle, it would be prudent to buy a case and have a few bottles now and save a few to grace the Thanksgiving table. Cliffhanger goes great with Roast Turkey!  
 Cliffhanger Pinot Grigio
 Vineyards high above Trentino with the Italian Alps in the background
 Below: with winemaker Lucio Matricardi

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