Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wine of the Week-Chateau Du Tariquet Chenin-Chardonnay $7

Chateau Du Tariquet Chenin-Chardonnay-$7
Like a bouquet of summer flowers in a glass

Perfect for summer salads and seafood, Chateau Du Tariquet is the perfect way to kick off the spring and summer seasons. At just $7 a bottle, this delightful wine is not only easy on the pocket, but light on the palate. The wine is a blend which marries French varietals from the Loire and Burgundy, which gives it a very distinctive character. The wine is intense, yet supple. It combines citrus aromas of Meyer lemon, and a hint of mandarin orange from the Chardonnay with exotic aromas of chamomile flowers and white roses with a bracing mineralogy from the Chenin. Chardonnay kicks in again to give the wine a balanced structure and a voluptuous finish. Your guests will hardly believe that you paid less than $10 for this superb wine. Stock up on a case or two as this may prove to be your 'go to' wine for light brunches and garden parties. Splurge a little and have it with a Maine Lobster sandwich made with avocado relish and fresh greens and a dash of lemon-infused mayonnaise. Shrimp, Crab, Crayfish or Bay Scallops may be substituted for the lobster.

1. The white wines of Domaine Du Tariquet
2. Lobster sandwich with Avocado relish and fresh greens
3. Dwight Casimere with Domaine Du Tariquet's Armin Grassa

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