Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Gaintza Getariako Txakolina-$17

Txakoli Gaintza Getariako Txakolina-$17 

Slightly sparkling and young, this is the undiscovered white wine from Spain's storied Basque Country .  Surprisingly  vivacious and delicious, this is a white wine that was once reserved for the family table or to be shared with friends or between neighbors. Made from a virtually unpronounceable list of rare, local grapes,  tkakoli was originally just a home-made wines, kept in the cellars of Basque farm houses. Now, its finding its way to tables in America. Food-friendly white, it has a lot of structural backbone and acidity, making it the perfect accompaniment to a hearty Holiday meal.  Always serve it well chilled for best effect.  Its bright and citrusy, with flavors of ripe green apples and lemon peel and hints of dandelion and fresh dill. Its hearty enough to go with Turkey, Ham or a Pork Loin Roast, but equally at home with fish, such as a firm piece of Sea Bass or Whole Roasted Bronzini. A niece piece of planked Salmon would be  perfect! 
The Gaintza family has been making txakoli for four generations, using modern technologies combined with traditional processes. The wines are made from vines that are 130 years old. The wine has a lot of body for a white wine, which is why its so welcome at the Holiday table. It can stand up to just about anything on the plate. It has a lot of character, that speaks to its past, and is made with enough refinement to make it a wine that's perfect for the varied ethnic  fusions taking place in American homes today. 
From the Pais Vaso in Spain, this is the unknown white wine from the heart of Basque country.

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