Wednesday, January 4, 2017


White Bordeaux blend dazzles with finesse and complexity at under $20

by Dwight Casimere

Year in and year out, France enjoys its reputation as the finest maker of wines in the world. Also, this year, as in all others, Bordeaux remains its most prized region. The common myth is that the wines of this coveted region are priced out of the realm of reality for most of we mere economic mortals. The truth is just the opposite, there are a number of wines from Bordeaux, known as 'petite' Bordeauxs that offer the same care in winemaking and an abundant amount of complexity and flavor as their more expensive counterparts. Fortunately, they are readily available for your discovery in the New Year. A case in point is the versatile, highly flavorful and affordable Chateau Timberlay White Bordeaux 2013, a lively blend of 60% Sauvignon Blanc and 40% Bordeaux that is crisp, dry and delicate with flavors citrus fruit, such as Asian Pear, Meyer Lemon and a hint of tangerine and lovely floral notes. It has a lovely finish that literally  dances on tongue. If you're resolving to head to the lighter side of cuisine in the new year, this is excellent wine to have to tag along as  you explore less calorie laden fare.  Salads, seafood and dishes emphasizing fresh fruits and vegetables are perfect accompaniments. Spices and herbs  are a great way to amp up the flavor quotient in meals to excite your palate and make you less likely to crave salt and salt, the two worst enemies of weight loss. Consider Chateau Timberlay Bordeaux Blanc your flavor companion as you 'battle the bulge' in the New Year!

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