Monday, June 10, 2013

WINE(s) OF THE WEEK--OGIO: A Sleek, Modern, Refreshing Italian Wine Arrives In Times for Summer Fun!

A terrific tasting wine that goes with "everything summer" food, for under $20!

NEW YORK--OGIO Wines of Italy are a new arrival in the United States. They're a sleek, modern interpretation of Italian wine that combines the best of tradition with modern techniques to create wines that goes with a variety of foods, especially those well-suited to summer dining at an outdoor cafe or a brunch on the patio or in the garden. The best thing about them is that they are all under$20!

OGIO Pinot Grigio($16.99), for example, is light and refreshing, with a fruity lemon/lime taste that goes well with light salads and seafood or just by itself as an apperitif.

OGIO Toscana Red ($16.99) Is a sophisticated blend of native Sangiovese and other international grapes that defies everything you thought about red wine. It has a fruit-forward, pleasant taste that makes it the perfect accompaniment with grilled burgers and veggies, even certain types of seafood, such as salmon or grilled scallops. Served lightly chilled, it's a terrific wine to drink with veal or pasta dishes. It answers the question," what wine goes with pizza?"

OGIO Prosecco ($19.99) is the real gem in this treasure trove of Italian wines. Light, crisp and fruity, it's a delightful apperitif with a delicious taste. This sparkling wine just says "summer" with a capital "S!" Serve well-chilled and its the great kick-off to any summer picnic, barbeque or an evening at Opera In The Park. I plan to have a couple of bottles in my picnic basket the next time Andrea Bocelli sings in Central Park.

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