Tuesday, November 6, 2018


“Live Each Day with the Heart and Courage of The Lion” - Hess Family creed 

 Dwight Casimere at HESS COLLECTION Winery on Mt. Veeder
The Russian River Valley

by Dwight Casimere
Photos: Dwight Casimere

RUSSIAN RIVER VALLEY, Sonoma County, CA--The Russian River Valley is one of the unique growing regions of Northern California. With its rich volcanic soil and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, the area is one of the best places in the world to grow terrific wine grapes. With cool morning breezes blowing through the Petaluma Gap giving way to bright sunny days, the grapes are allowed to develop slowly and build in intensity. The result is a grape harvest which produces wines of unusual complexity. This is ground zero for the great Chardonnay grapes that comprise 2016 Panthera Russian River Valley  Chardonnay from The Hess Collection.

Unctuous is the word that best describes 2016 Panthera Chardonnay. The rich sandstone soil imparts a bright fresh acidity, which makes the wine perfect for a Holiday dinner. Flavors of of Asian pear, white peach and hints Golden Delicious Apple and grilled pineapple are just a few of the sensations that rush over your palette. There's a light caramel candy backnote that is more like the taste of the caramelized topping on a Flan or Creme Brûlée .  An ideal Turkey wine, it also goes terrifically with Pork Loin, Asian Chicken Salad or Pineapple or Honey Glazed Ham.

The majestic Lion is the symbol of the Hess family. Their vineyards are all family owned and sustainably farmed. The origin of Panthera wine's name is the scientific name for the lion, genus Panthera Leo. With its mighty mane and noble features, it embodies the boldness and distinctive character of The Hess Collection. Panthera Chardonnay pays homage to this iconic image. 

The Russian River Chardonnay harvest in full swing
A cluster of Chardonnay grapes

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