Friday, February 12, 2010

Finance Wiz Suze Orman talks about wine,women and finance on the water

by Dwight Casimere

"I've been investing in Napa Valley wine futures with Bill Harlan, (owner of Meadowood Resort and Harlan Estate wines, inlcuding Bond, Matriarch and Meadowvale labels). " I can't believe how well its been doing," finance maven Suze Orman told Dwight the Wine Doctor during a recent appearance at the Miami International Boat show on behalf of MarineMax and its popular Women on Water (WOW) boating program. Standing on the bow of the new Sea Ray 280 Sundeck power boat, which she recently took delivery on, the Emmy Award winning TV, Radio and internet host and financial motivational speaker spoke about women and boating and her love of wine while preparing to sign copies of her bestselling book "Women and Money" for about 200 lucky fans.

"I've been talking to Bill about sponsoring some boat races for women that would not only promote his excellent wines, but also the love of boating among women. The funny thing is, wine is turning out to be a great investment. I couldn't believe what happened with the value of my wine futures. I pinched myself and asked, 'did I just make more money on wine barrel futures than I did on the stock market? It's truly amazing!"

Orman told the crowd that now is a great time to buy a boat. Not only are there more value priced boats on the market and more consumer-friendly financing options, purchasing a boat works right in with general efforts to improve the overall economy. "Buying a boat has the positive impact of not only lifting the boating industry, but all of the people who service boats and provide equipment as well. The nice thing about buying a MarineMax boat is that they also give you two years of free repair service with the purchase, which you're never going to need, because these boats never break down." Women on Water was created ten years ago as a way to offer women an opportunity to take advantage of the boating lifestlye and to learn to operate boats safely. "There's nothing that increases the joy a couple can have owning a boat with both parties are equally involved. Plus, we want women to know how to operate the family boat in case something happens while the family is out on the water. We want women to be just as empowered behind the wheel of a boat as we want them to be empowered in the world of business and finance," she declared to an ethusiastic crowd."

Women on Water is designed to help women to take the helm and learn the ropes of boating. That ties in perfectly with Suze's efforts to gain knowledge in the marketplace. The goals are similar; learning the terminology and the rules and regulations of navigation, safety and emergency procedures. "That parallels between boating and finance are endless," Orman said. "There is nothing as powerful as being the captain of your own ship. So in the same way, you have got to be the master of your own financial destiny. "The truth of the matter is that women are as powerful as men, the problem is that we just don't take our power.

"Men are essential in our lives. What we're doing with Women on Water is making it possible for women to take over control of the boat if something happens to the man they're with.If a woman can be powerful with money, then they can be just as powerful when it comes to boats. Women on Water creates a community in which women can become comfortable with learning about boats."

As Spring approaches, Orman says she's looking forward to another trip to the Napa Valley and a visit to Harlan Estate. "I know there's a huge auction and barrel tasting going on out at Meadowood in the coming weeks. I just wish I could be there. Their 2006 Cabernet Reserve was an absolute must-have and was really value priced when it was first released. I'm sure anyone who bought a quantity of his wines is sitting on a pretty good investment. "

Suzy has yet to name her new boat, but she's thinking of going with 'Approved,' the title of a popular segment of her Saturday night radio show, in which listeners call in and ask her advice on financial ventures they are undertaking. Her catch phrase is "you are approved" if she thinks the investment oppportunity is right for the caller." Suze says she invested in barrel futures in Harlan, Screaming Eagle and Silver Oak wines and has watched their values soar. The next project is getting a few cases stowed away safely in the hold of her new Sea Ray 280.

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